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Jake Cassar has been providing his services to Western Sydney University for close to 10 years. Providing workshops on traditional bush tucker and natural remedies presenting at our show case day Open Day, working with participants of the Western Sydney Rural Indigenous Student Visit and other Indigenous Outreach Programs.
Jake is a great engaging presenter for any audience and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

- Jo Galea - Manager, Indigenous Outreach Western Sydney University

The first time I went on one of Jake’s walks I felt I had learnt more in two hours than I had in two full days of other trainings. Jake’s walks are practical, colourful and experiential, giving you a chance to really digest and embody useful bushcraft techniques and information. Apart from being a walking encyclopedia of plant knowledge, Jake is a genuine community builder who truly wants to help others do good in the world. His passion, enthusiasm and huge heart make him a great teacher.

- Louise Kiddell - Outdoor Educator

It is a pleasure to give you support Jake. You have been incredibly supportive through your voluntary work for me at Fairhaven, you have run a great music appreciation course for people with disabilities at Fairhaven, you have provided amazing support as my mentor throughout the Save Central Coast Reserves campaign as well as running bush craft and bush tucker events at some of our reserves. You have a massive following via facebook from people of all ages and interests. Your knowledge of the Australian flora and fauna is truly impressive. You are an asset to the Central Coast.

​ - Sue Chidgey - Environmentalist

I’ve known Jake for approximately 5 years and in that time I have been particularly and consistently impressed by his commitment to environmental concerns and for the support of the disadvantaged youth community on the Central Coast.

Jakes bushcraft, tracking and medicinal plant knowledge is extensive and has been learnt by working with Aboriginal communities, other experts, books and leading resources but more importantly from “dirt time” experience, for which there is no substitute. As with Aboriginal knowledge it is time in the field that reveal the true nuances of working in and with your environment. The appreciation of the season – understanding what foods are available when and what animals are on the move and how the whole picture provides so much more than the sum of the individual parts. Unlike some other educators he is also very clear about the potential risks involved in having only some knowledge in this area. But more than that, what is abundantly obvious to everyone that comes to any course or day walk, is his enthusiasm for the discipline and the environment. This is infectious and has been a great catalyst for others to become involved in their own local causes and providing them with help, direction and tools to be successful.

Jake has run as an independent candidate in the area to further community causes with direct political action. He is a talented communicator and negotiator and a passionate activist in all the most positive aspects of the term. In my view the Central Coast owe a huge debt of gratitude for his personal contribution to the eventual protection of the Kariong / Bambara area – a community fight that lasted for over 80 years. During his 8 year involvement he was instrumental in securing the eventual successful outcome to protect this area for everyone – navigating party politics, private landowners, back room talks, aboriginal concerns and ethical and environmental considerations. In my own brief exposure to this particular cause (one of scores) the complexity, dedication and stamina needed to stay on target is something I have rarely witnessed in an individual. Simultaneously he sought to gain further support to the cause by educating and enthusing a cross section of the community of all ages about the wonder of this area so that they were able to be feel a personal connection to the cause thereby removing the abstraction that can sometimes be a failing of other environmental causes. In actual fact this is another technique that he has been able to help other groups understand in his education on how to fight ill thought out and greedy development.

All this with no potential for monetary or personal gain. His youth work is incredibly rewarding for Jake as an educator and musician and this last 18 months have seen him focus more on this and stabilising his own concerns. Yet he has not dropped the ball continually leading groups into appreciation for bushcraft and the environment – empowering individuals to do the same for others. I’m proud to call him my friend.

- Erik Bower (Election Campaign Advisor, Bushcraft group assistant)


From corporate and international groups

  • It was inspiring to spend the morning with Jake. His knowledge and experience of living on the land was astonishing, a real eye opener for me! It also reminded me of what’s possible when we push our boundaries a little. Sherwin, Brisbane, Australia

  • I want to say “thank you” to Jake. It is fantastic course and experience of Jake’s Bushcraft. It opened our mind and eye with much different knowledge to our modern life. Hope have opportunity to bring my children to attend his course next time. Weijun Yang, Shanghai, China

  • By seeing lot of guides in different places in the world, I must say that Jake went outright to my personal top 3. And he was more than just a guide, he was performer and full entertainer who knew his stuff. He set the bar quite high for the next ones. Oskari, Helsinki, Finland

  • I was amazed, especially given I come from the bush, how little I knew, truly one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. It was also great to see our overseas guys so engaged and interested. Jake living his dream, and making a difference, not just to other people but also to the wider community – truly an inspirational person. Adam, Nelson Bay, Australia

  • Jake “The Bushman” has great experiences to share and his determination towards the purpose can motivate anybody. His knowledge on minute details of types of fruits, remedial medicines and lighting the fire skills can surprise anybody. Overall it was a valuable spending time with him and wish him good luck in his journey as a Bushman. I am definitely going to recommend the visitors of Terrigal to meet Jake personally to get motivated. Riyaz, Dubai, UAE

Call or text Jake: 0405424124 today

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